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iF product design award 2014 for LED Machine Light Fittings and the TPS Stairway/Platform System


We are pleased to announce that our 6W to 30W LED Machine Light Fittings and our TPS Stairway/Platform System have won the 'iF product design award 2014' and number among the winners of the prestigious iF Label.

Our products were entered in Category 7, Lighting and Category 15, Industry. It is worthwhile noting that our products in Category 7 faced stiff competition from designer lighting solutions from the consumer goods sector.

This success means that the item 6W to 30W LED Machine Light Fittings and the Stairway/Platform System are also contenders for the exclusive 'iF gold awards', which are to be conferred in Munich at the end of February.

In addition to receiving the award, the winners are also to be showcased at the flagship iF design exhibition in HafenCity, Hamburg.

The panel of judges assess entries based on design quality, finish, choice of materials, degree of innovation, environmental impact, functionality, ergonomics, visualisation of intended use/intuitiveness, safety, brand value and branding and "universal design".

The Stairway/Platform System

The Stairway/Platform System from item is a versatile aluminium profile building kit for building structures where safety is paramount. All components have been carefully coordinated in terms of form and function, use robust materials and feature a clear, attractive design. The small number of separate components makes it easy to design and build structures. The system meets all ergonomic needs and complies with current standards in stairway design. Thanks to versatile design principles and stairway pitches of 30°, 38°, 45° and 60°, users can build customised structures to suit their circumstances and extend existing constructions.

Further information on our innovative, award-winning Stairway/Platform System can be found here:

LED Machine Light Fittings 6W to 30W

Conditions can be harsh around processing machines. That’s why item has developed a range of Machine Light Fittings for use in tough environments. Available in five power levels, the Light Fittings have an IP67 rating, feature a concealed adaptation mechanism for an item Line 8 profile groove and can be turned 360° as required. Housed in an extremely slim aluminium casing, the latest generation of LED technology delivers much better energy efficiency than conventional light fittings. A system consisting of power supply, control elements and splitters also makes it easy to configure customised lighting scenarios.

Further information on our award-winning LED Machine Light Fittings can be found here: